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The Slump: Britain in the Great Depression The Slump: Britain in the Great Depression

John Stevenson , Chris Cook

The 1930s - remembered as the decade of dole queues and hunger marches, mass unemployment, the means test, and the rise of fascism - also saw the development of new industries, the growth of comfortable suburbia, and rising standards of living for

The First Industrial Nation: The Economic History of Britain 1700-1914 The First Industrial Nation: The Economic History of Britain 1700-1914

Peter Mathias

This celebrated and seminal text examines the industrial revolution, from its genesis in pre-industrial Britain, through its development and into maturity. A chapter-by-chapter analysis explores topics such as economic growth, agriculture, trade

The Time Paradox The Time Paradox

Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd

Your every significant choice -- every important decision you make -- is determined by a force operating deep inside your mind: your perspective on time -- your internal, personal time zone. This is the most influential force in your life, yet you

Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion

Michael Cloud

Libertarianism is 24-carat pure gold. But most of the time we can't even give it way. Why? Why isn't everyone desperately seeking freedom? Why are so many people indifferent? Why are many others opposed to liberty? And why have so many people just


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