David Clark

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David Clark is a world-renowned expert on the subject of Warren Buffett’s Investment philosophies (aka Buffettology). He holds university degrees in both finance and law and co-authored seven books with Mary Buffett on the subject of Warren Buffett's investment methods.  

Born and raised in Warren's hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, David grew up with Buffett's children and eventually fell under the influence of the Master investor. In the 70s he organized a group of Warren Buffett followers into the first group of Buffettologists dedicated to studying the secrets of Warren Buffett's investment methods.

David developed a friendship with Mary Buffett when she married Warren's son Peter. Mary and David discovered they had a similar enthusiasm for studying Warren's investment methods, which developed into a professional relationship between the two of them. Their alliance soon blossomed into a long-term collaboration project -- writing seven investment books on Warren Buffett's investment methods, including the international best seller, "The Tao of Warren Buffett."

He has been quoted on finance in the New York Times, and is well acquainted with several investors in Warren Buffett’s original partnership (all of whom are now worth in excess of $100 million).

David believes that China presently holds some of the world's greatest investment opportunities and is thrilled at its long-term prospects for superior capital growth. Mr. Clark still resides in Omaha, Nebraska and is the Managing Director of an investment partnership made up of several of the original Buffettologists. David is also an attorney and lecturer around the world on the subject of Buffettology.

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