Edward Palmer

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Edward Palmer has a Ph.D. in economics from Stockholm University. Since 1987 he has been Professor of Social Insurance

Economics, fi rst at Gothenburg University and, from 1994, at Uppsala University. He is also director of research at the Swedish

State Social Insurance Agency. He was an expert member of the Government Working Group that created the Swedish pension

reform passed by Parliament in 1994. He has advised in the pension reforms of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia

and has contributed to pension reform discussions in a number of other countries, both independently and as a consultant

for the World Bank and the OECD. He is presently an expert member of the OECD International Board of Insurance Regulators

and is a member of the Supervisory Council of the Institute for Social Insurance Development in Russia. Professor Palmer

has published a large number of books and papers within his area.

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