Felix Morley (Еditor)

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Felix Morley (1894–1982) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. He was educated at Haverford College and enjoyed a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, England. He obtained a Guggenheim Fellowship to study the League of Nations in Geneva, which resulted in his book The Society of Nations (1933) and a Ph.D. from the Brooking Institution.

From 1933 to 1940, Morley worked as editor for The Washington Post, winning, in 1936, the paper's Pulitzer Prize first , for his "distinguished editorial writing during the year."

Morley was one of the founding editors of Human Events in 1944, although he would leave the magazine in 1950 for its aggressive military stance towards the Soviet Union. He also had resigned from Haverford College after the War, and continued his journalistic work at NBC and for Nation’s Business. He published his memoirs, For the Record, in 1977. Other books he published after the War were The Power in the People (1949), The Foreign Policy of the United States (1951) and Freedom and Federalism (1959). Also published, in 1956, is his utopian novel Gumption Island.

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