Geoffrey Barraclough

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Professor Geoffrey Barraclough  (1908–1984) - Initially a medievalist and leading British historian of Germany, Barraclough altered his views and his perspective to write an influential work on contemporary history. In his later years he became an advocate of the study of world history and the use in history of the methodologies of the social sciences.

He was educated at Bootham School (1921–1924) in York and at Bradford Grammar School (1924–1925). He read History at Oriel College, Oxford University in 1926-1929.

He was Professor of Medieval History, University of Liverpool (1945–1956), Stevenson Research Professor, University of London (1956–1962), University of California (1965–1968) and Professor of History, Brandeis University (1968–1970 and 1972–1981). He was Chichele Professor of Modern History, University of Oxford from 1970 to 1973.

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