K. William Kapp

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Professor Karl William Kapp (October 27, 1910 – April 4, 1976) was a German-American economist, one of the founders of Ecological economics and one of the leading 20th century institutional economists. He was a strong opponent of the compartmentalization of knowledge in the social sciences in general.

He studied economics and law in Berlin, Geneva and London. Between  1938 and 1965 he taught  at  several American and Asian  universities, then from  1965 to  1975 he was full professor of political economy a t  the University of Basle. Among his most well known books are ‘History of Economic Thought’ (1949) with his wife Lore Kapp, ‘The Social Costs of Private Enterprise’ (1950), ‘Toward a Science of Man’ (1961)  and ‘Hindu Culture,  Economic Development and Economic Planning in India’ (1963). 

Личен сайт: http://www.kwilliam-kapp.de/

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