П. Джаксън

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Peter M Jackson BA PhD FRSA. Having been appointed as Professor of Economics in 1979 he became Head of the Economics Department (1979-86). He was the Director of the Public Sector Economics Research Centre (PSERC) from 1977 - 2000 and from 1989 - 2003 Director of University of Leicester School of Management. Currently he is Dean of the Social Sciences faculty at the University of Leicester. Formerly an Economist with HM Treasury (1969-71) working on public expenditure planning and control; Lecturer at University of Stirling (1971-77) specialising in monetary economics and public sector economics. Has advised House of Commons Select Committees, Department of the Environment, EEC, OECD, National Consumer Council. Political Economy Series Editor for Harvester Press, Editorial Board Member for the Journal Management & Decision; Research Director of the Public Finance Foundation; Chair of the Social Sciences Committee of the former Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) 1988-92; Member of the Council of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) 1986-89. Author of books on public sector economics, fiscal policy, numerous articles on Management and Business, and a member of the Academic Council of the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA). He is currently a specialist adviser to the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

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