Юлиян Панкув

За автора

Dr Julian Pañków has graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Warsaw University. Since 1983 he works as a researcher in the Polish Academy of Sciences, previously in the Department of Management Sciences, since 1990 in the Institute of Political Studies. In 1991.1996 he was a member of Council on the Ownership Transformation, advisory body to the Polish Prime Minister. Since 1992 he has taken part in the consultancy projects provided by CASE Foundation and other organizations to the transition countries, including Russian Federation (1992.1994), Kazakhstan (1994.1996), Kyrgyzstan

(periodically since 1993), Tajikistan (1996.1997), Ukraine (1998). Since 1997 Dr. Pañków co-ordinates the CASE's project Support for Economic Reforms in Bulgaria, under the grant of Open Society Institute in Budapest.