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A World History of Tax Rebellions

An Encyclopedia of Tax Rebels, Revolts, and Riots from Antiquity to the Present

Автор(и) : David F. Burg

Издател : Routledge

Място на издаване : New York, USA

Година на издаване : 2003

ISBN : 978-0-4159-2498-6

Брой страници : 502

Език : английски


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A World History of Tax Rebellions is an exhaustive reference source for over 4,300 years of riots, rebellions, protests, and war triggered by abusive taxation and tax collecting systems around the world. Each of the chronologically arranged entries focuses on a specific historical event, analyzing its roots, and socio-economic context. Readers can visit familiar uprisings like the Boston Tea Party, while discovering lesser-known events such as the Mauritanian Rebellion in fourth-century Africa, the Marriage Aid Protest in medieval France, and the 1765 Rebellion of the Barrios in Ecuador. A separate A-to-Z biographical section introduces revolt leaders, activists, and other personalities that make up the full, and often painful, history of taxation.

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