Икономика на труда, образованието, здравеопазването

An Adult Approach to Further Education

How to Reverse the Destruction of Adult and Vocational Education

Автор(и) : Alison Wolf

Издател : Institute of Economic Affairs

Място на издаване : London, England

Година на издаване : 2009

ISBN : 978-0-255-36586-4

Брой страници : 181

Език : английски


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In the UK, further education is a bastion of Soviet central planning that has wholly avoided the market-based reforms that have been adopted in other parts of the state sector. In terms of total spending, further education is important, but hitherto - perhaps because of its complexity - there has been little serious policy analysis of the sector. Professor Alison Wolf is one of the country's leading education academics. In this study, she explains the disastrous results of current policy and discusses, lucidly but rigorously, how reform of the sector should take place. The author proposes a new model for funding that is 'student centred', and which can lead to further and adult education once again making a major contribution to the building of a skilled workforce and educated citizenry. In developing her conclusions, the author draws on theory and evidence - including experience of reform in higher education. This monograph is essential reading for all those involved in post-compulsory education, including academics and policymakers. The first serious policy analysis of the further education sector, this title looks at the justifications for state spending on further education, how resources are allocated and the wider policy context. It details the disastrous results of current policies, showing that they are wasteful, inefficient and fail to deliver on their stated aims. It proposes a new model for funding further education which is driven by the needs of students, not the whims of bureaucrats and politicians.

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