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An Historical View of the English Government

An historical view of the English government: from the settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the revolution in 1688: to which are subjoined, some dissertations connected with the history of the government, from the revolution to the present time
In Four Volumes

Автор(и) : John Millar

Издател : Liberty Fund, Inc.

Място на издаване : Indianapolis, USA

Година на издаване : 2006

ISBN : 978-0-86597-444-9

Брой страници : 889

Език : английски


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

"An Historical View of the English Government" consists of three parts, concerned with the most substantive revolutions in English government and manners: from the Saxon settlement to the Norman Conquest, from the Norman Conquest to the accession of James I, and from James I to the Glorious Revolution. Through these three phases Millar traces the development of the “great outlines of the English constitution”—the history of institutions of English liberty from Saxon antiquity to the revolution settlement of 1689. Millar demonstrates serious concern for the maintenance of liberties achieved through revolution and maintains that the manners of a commercial nation, while particularly suited to personal and political liberty, are not such as to secure liberty forever.
The historical context that An Historical View provides makes it an excellent complement to Liberty Fund’s The Glasgow Edition of the Works of Adam Smith and The History of England by David Hume.

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