Adam B. Seligman

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Adam B. Seligman is Professor of Religion at Boston University and Research Associate at the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture there. He has lived and taught at universities in this country, in Israel and in Hungary where he was a Fulbright Fellow from 1990-1992. He lived close to twenty years in Israel where he was a member of Kibbutz Kerem Shalom in the early 1970’s. His books include The Idea of Civil Society (Free Press, 1992), Inner-worldly Individualism (Transaction Press, 1994), The Problem of Trust(Princeton University Press, 1997), Modernity’s Wager: Authority,The Self and Transcendence (Princeton University Press, 2000) and with Mark Lichbach Market and Community (Penn State University Press, 2000). His work has been translated into a dozen languages. At present, with the help of major grants from The Ford Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts, he is working on the problem of religion and toleration. Part of this work is devoted to establishing school curricula for teaching tolerance from a religious perspective. In this endeavor he is working with colleagues in Berlin, Sarajevo and Jerusalem. His latest book, Modest Claims, Dialogues and Essays on Tolerance and Tradition will be published with Notre Dame University Press in 2003. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.

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