Helen Disney (ed.)

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Helen Disney is the chief executive and founder of the Stockholm Network.
She has over a decade's experience of influencing public policy debates. Formerly an editoral writer for The Times and an editorial writer and commentator for the Daily Express, as CEO of the Stockholm Network she continues to write regularly on a range of public policy topics for newspapers, magazines and websites.
Helen's cuttings include the Wall Street Journal Europe, Financial Times, Newsweek, The Times, the Daily Express and Sunday Express, Public Finance magazine, Public Service Magazine, as well as a range of other magazines, websites and trade press articles.
She has made regular appearances on TV and in radio debates including 'Heart of the Matter', 'Kilroy', BBC News, BBC Radio Scotland, Radio 4's Talking Politics, the BBC World Service and 18 Doughty Street.com.
From 1996-2000, she worked at the Social Market Foundation, an independent pro-market think-tank in Westminster, where she was deputy director and editor of its quarterly journal.
She has contributed to and edited numerous think-tank publications including Impatient for Change, Poles Apart? and An Apology for Capitalism? published by the Stockholm Network.
She sits on the advisory board of the Centre for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI), a US think tank and has advised many new think tanks on how to develop their influence on the media and public policy.
Helen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, Women in Journalism and the Women Writers Network.

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