Herbert J. Walberg

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Dr. Herbert Walberg is a senior fellow with The Heartland Institute and chairman of its Board of Directors. He is also a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution and a member of the Koret Task Force on K–12 Education, and a professor emeritus and University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research focuses on educational productivity and human accomplishments.

Dr. Walberg has written and edited more than 60 books and 350 articles on such topics as the causes and effects of learning, teaching and instructional effectiveness, national comparisons of achievement, and educational measurement and evaluation, which have appeared in widely circulated journals, including DaedalusEducational Leadership, Kappan, and Nature and in such newspapers as the Chicago TribuneWall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

Dr. Walberg is coauthor of several books published by or in association with The Heartland Institute, including We Can Rescue Our Children (1988), Education & Capitalism (2003), and Let’s Put Parents Back in Charge! (2004, 2005).

Dr. Walberg was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Royal Statistical Society (London), the American Psychological Association, the Australian Association for Educational Research, and most recently appointed by President George W. Bush to the twelve-member National Board for Education Sciences. Additionally, he serves as the vice president of the International Academy of Education.

Dr. Walberg has held research posts at the Educational Testing Service and the University of Wisconsin and has taught at Harvard University. He was an adviser to former U.S. secretary of education William Bennett. He has been frequently called to testify before U.S. congressional committees and federal courts on educational matters.

Dr. Walberg earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Chicago.

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