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Johnny Munkhammar (1974 - 2012) is an analyst and commentator specialised in political and economic affairs, more specifically free-market reforms, globalisation, labour markets, European integration and foreign policy. He is affiliated with several think-tanks and policy institutes in Europe and the United States, including Timbro, Centre for European Policy Analysis and European Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Munkhammar holds a Masters Degree from Uppsala University, Sweden, where he majored in political science and minored in economics and economic history.

European Dawn is the most recent of Mr. Munkhammar’s five books. He has additionally contributed to numerous books, including 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, as well as to a range of studies and policy papers.

Mr. Munkhammar is a member of several societies and networks that engage in international economic and political matters. He is a sought-after speaker and panellist, appearing at conferences, corporations, institutes and universities across Europe and the United States.

Previously, Mr. Munkhammar has served as a senior adviser at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, leader writer at several local daily newspapers in Sweden, as well as a partner at a public affairs firm.

A frequent commentator and contributor to broadcast and print media, Mr. Munkhammar has also published hundreds of op-eds in leading international publications.

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