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Alexander Hamilton

Автор(и) : Ron Chernow

Издател : Penguin Books

Място на издаване : New York, USA

Година на издаване : 2004

ISBN : 978-1-59420-009-0

Брой страници : 818

Език : английски


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The 20th century was not kind to Alexander Hamilton. His fame peaked early, spurred by Henry Cabot Lodge's admiring biography (1882) and by Republican eulogists as diverse as Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge. Though many Progressives liked Hamilton's expansive view of federal power, his support for banks and bonds rankled them; they felt it wiser to combine his principles with those of his bitter rival, Thomas Jefferson. In that alleged synthesis, Hamilton was not so subtly demoted: in the famous formula of the political journalist Herbert Croly, Hamiltonian means were to be mustered for the sake of Jeffersonian ends.
Today, circumstances are much altered. The time has therefore become ripe for a Hamilton revival, and signs of it have been visible in everything from editorials in the Weekly Standard propounding a Hamilton-inspired vision of “national greatness” to a major Hamilton exhibition at the New-York Historical Society this fall.
If this rehabilitation succeeds, it will be thanks in no small part to Ron Chernow's outstanding biography, which has seized a favorable moment to make the strongest possible argument for the man and his policies. Alexander Hamilton is not only the longest and most comprehensive biography of its subject to appear in nearly 50 years. It is an impassioned defense and the most absorbing psychological portrait of him ever produced.

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