Lawrence W. Reed

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Lawrence W. (LarryReed (born September 29, 1953) is president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), offices in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia, a position he has held since September 1, 2008. Before joining FEE, Reed served as president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland, Michigan based free-market think tank. To date, he remains Mackinac’s president emeritus.

Reed has authored over 1,000 columns and articles dozens in newspapers, magazines and journals in the U. S. and abroad, as well as five books. He has lectured in dozens of nations. Reed’s articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, among many others. His interests in political and economic affairs have taken him to 72 countries on six continents. He holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Grove City College (1975) and an M.A. degree in History from Slippery Rock State University (1978), both in Pennsylvania. He holds two honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University (Public Administration—1993) and Northwood University (Laws—2008). He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and is an adviser to numerous organizations around the world. A full bio is available at and on Wikipedia. 

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