Matthew Sinclair

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Matthew Sinclair (1983) – has graduated in economics and economic history at the London School of Economics at undergraduate and Master’s level.  His Master’s thesis examined the effects of government deficits in the United Kingdom during the twentieth century.

Matthew joined the TaxPayers’ Alliance in May 2007.  At the beginning of December 2008 he became Research Director.

Matthew has written numerous responses for the TaxPayers' Alliance to topical issues and reports from other organisations including the Response to the Quality of Life Policy Group, the TaxPayers' Alliance Response to the Government's £50 Billion Bailout and the TaxPayers' Alliance Response to the Conservative Tax Plan to boost employment.

He has also represented the TaxPayers’ Alliance frequently on radio, television - with appearances on the BBC News Channel, Sky News, Bloomberg, CNBC, the Daily Politics and Newsnight – and in person at a range of events both in UK and abroad - in Rome, Washington DC, Brussels, Strasbourg and New York.

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