In the River They Swim

Essays from around the world on enterprise solutions to poverty

Автор(и) : collective

Издател : Templeton Press

Място на издаване : USA

Година на издаване : 2009

ISBN : 978-1-59947-251-5

Брой страници : 274

Език : English


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

"In The River They Swim" is a collection of essays written by men and women directly involved in efforts to address poverty in developing countries. The book emphasizes a needed paradigm shift away from poverty relief toward wealth creation. Relieving poverty is a short-term solution. Economic development is the route to lifting the citizenry of developing countries out of hardship. Governments and aide agencies need to provide resources to encourage and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit that will move developing countries away from dependence on foreign aid. Developing countries must learn to compete in the global marketplace.

The book's essays emphasize a new paradigm for addressing poverty. The second and third parts of the book provide suggestions for concrete approaches. The book is actually a collection of case studies illustrating successes and failures. Even those addressing poverty at the local level are likely to find this book enlightening. How we view a problem will determine how we attempt to solve it. What we focus on is what we get. "In The River They Swim" urges that we take our focus off of poverty relief and concentrate on prosperity creation.

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