Икономика на труда, образованието, здравеопазването

Junk Science Judo

Self-Defense against Health Scares and Scams

Автор(и) : Steven J. Milloy

Издател : Cato Institute

Място на издаване : Washington, USA

Година на издаване : 2001

ISBN : 978-1-93086-512-9

Брой страници : 216

Език : английски


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

Junk science is faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special interests and hidden agendas.
Examples of special interests include:
 The media may use junk science to produce sensational headlines and programming, the purpose of which is to generate increased readership and viewership. More readers and viewers mean more revenues from advertisement. The media may also use junk science to advance personal or organizationsl social and political agendas.
 Personal injury lawyers, sometimes referred to simply as trial lawyers (as in the American Association of Trial Lawyers or ATLA), may use junk science to extort settlements from deep-pocketed businesses or to bamboozle juries into awarding huge verdicts.
 Social and political activists may use junk science to achieve social and political change.
 Government regulators may use junk science to expand regulatory their authority, increase their budgets o advance the political agenda of elected officials.
 Businesses may use junk science to bad-mouth competitors’ products, make bogus claims about their own products, or to promote political or social change that would increase sales and profits.
 Politicians may use junk science to curry favor with special interest groups, to be politically correct or to advance their own personal political beliefs.
 Individual scientists may use junk science to achieve fame and fortune.
 Individuals who are ill (real or imagined) may use junk science to blame others for causing their illness. Individuals may also use junk science to seek fame and fortune.

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