Transition economics

Looking Forward to the Past: The Influence Of Communism After 1989

Автор(и) : Richard Pipes, et al.

Издател : CRCE

Място на издаване : London, England

Година на издаване : 2003

ISBN : 0-948027-42-8

Брой страници : 138

Език : English


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

Last year on the shores of Lake Bled, the CRCE held its second conference on the problems of communism since transition started in 1989. The Centre’s latest book contains the conference discussion together with papers from the first event in 2001.

Ljubo Sirc, the CRCE’s Director:

“Our intention is to discuss what has in fact remained of communist ideas after 1989… Then in the second place we can perhaps discuss the way in which all these countries have privatised. What has emerged from privatisation in different countries, which in a way is connected with the first question, is this: if the communists are still around, what are their intentions?

“One of the indications of what Marx imagined the future would bring can be found in his criticism of the market. According to him, the market system is corrupted and so on. This, of course, ought to make it impossible for anyone who wants to follow Marx to the letter to establish a system that brings in the market as a part of any kind of socialism”.

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