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The Slump: Britain in the Great Depression

Third Edition

Автор(и) : John Stevenson , Chris Cook

Издател : Longman

Място на издаване : London, UK

Година на издаване : 2010

ISBN : 978-1-4082-3010-7

Брой страници : 335

Език : английски


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

The 1930s - remembered as the decade of dole queues and hunger marches, mass unemployment, the means test, and the rise of fascism - also saw the development of new industries, the growth of comfortable suburbia, and rising standards of living for many. In Britain in the Depression, the authors look behind the legends for an objective - and timely - reassessment, as Britain again struggles with the economic and spiritual ills of recession and unemployment.
Today the problems of the 1930s are back in the news, with financial collapse and mass unemployment once again on the rise. In this celebrated book, John Stevenson and Chris Cook set about questioning the social and political myths of “the devil’s decade”. They also examine, in a new afterword, the parallels between the ‘slump’ of the 1930s and the ‘crunch’ of the 21st century, exploring issues that have become as pressing today as they were over seventy years ago.

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