Galina Kurlyandskaya

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Dr. Galina Kurlyandskaya is one of the most distinguished Russian experts in the field of public finance and intergovernmental relations. She is the Director General of the Center for Fiscal Policy (CFP), a world-known Russian think tank, whose mission is to establish an equitable and efficient system of government finance and intergovernmental relations in transitional economies. She is providing research-based policy advice and technical assistance to central, regional, and local governments in the area of fiscal policy, public finance management, and intergovernmental relations both in Russia and in other developing countries. Dr. Galina Kurlyandskaya received her PhD in Economics from the Institute for World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences. Elena Andreeva has worked on fiscal decentralization reforms in Russia under many technical assistance projects of the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.K. Department for International Development, UNDP and other international donors since mid-1990s. As Research Director of the Center for Fiscal Policy, Moscow, she has worked on many CFP projects aimed at promoting public sector reforms at the federal and subnational levels in Russia and other transitional countries, including the reform of local governance, fiscal equalization reform, and reforms of child welfare. She was one of the authors of the Russian Intergovernmental Reform strategy. She holds a graduate degree from the Economic Department of Moscow State University.

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