Migara O. De Silva

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Dr. Migara De Silva joined the Bank in 1995 and is currently working as a Senior Economist at the World Bank Institute (WBI). He has designed and managed a number of capacity-building programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, and Latin America regions. He has also managed a multiyear capacity-building program on intergovernmental fiscal relations in Russia, which included all seven administrative regions (okrugs) of the Russian Federation from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. He was the WBI task manager of the joint program with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (Bratislava) and the Local Government Initiative of the Open Society Institute in Budapest on Fiscal Decentralization Initiative for Central Asia and the Caucuses. Prior to joining WBI, he worked in the Bank’s Development Economics and Evaluation departments and was involved in a wide range of initiatives related to public sector reform. Dr. De Silva has published papers on the impact of resource booms on growth, institutions and economic growth, public sector reforms, and fiscal decentralization in Russia. He co-authored an earlier study with Dr. Galina Kurlandskaya, Evolving Fiscal Federalism: Russian Practice and International Experience (Ves Mir Publication, Moscow, 2006), which is widely used by policy makers and researchers in Russia and Central Asia. He holds graduate degrees from the former Soviet Union and United States.

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