Seiji Naya

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Seiji Naya - Former director, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, State of Hawai'i; professor of economics, University of Hawai'i; chief economist, Asian Development Bank; Rockefeller Foundation visiting professor, Thammasat University,Thailand; director, Resource Systems Institute, EWC; and faculty fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research, New York.

Professional experience includes over 40 years in teaching, policy research and analytical study on economic development and economic cooperation of developing Asian countries; and organizer of numerous international conferences. Also served as leader of the U.S. team in cooperative research between the United States and ASEAN, in ASEAN-U.S. Initiative Assessment and Recommendations for Improved Economic Relations that served as a basis of early U.S. economic policy toward ASEAN. Appointed by ASEAN Secretariat to be Team Leader to prepare a proposal for an ASEAN Free Trade Area; asked by the United Nations Development Program to organize conferences and prepare related monographs on Private Sector Development for Promoting Economic Growth in Asian Developing Countries and Enterprise Reforms in the Growing Asia-Pacific.

Author and editor of numerous articles and books, with his latest book entitled The Asian Development Experience: Overcoming Crises and Adjusting to Change published by the Asian Development Bank, November 2002.


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