Tamás M. Horváth

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Tamás M. Horváth, lawyer, PhD, DSc graduated from Faculty of Political and Legal Studies, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest in 1984. He started to work in the Hungarian Institute of Public Administration and got practical experience in different levels of councils. In the 80ies he studied local governments, different areas of municipal public policy and took part in the preparation of the act on local self-governments (passed in 1990) as one of the most emblematic laws in the system transformation of Hungary. Then he was a free lance consultant working for different projects of the British Know How Fund, World Bank, UNDP, OSI Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative. These projects focused on comparative analyses of municipal systems in Central and Eastern European countries and Middle Asia, making proposals for the institution-building and development of public policy areas, especially public utility services, environmental protection and administration in mayors’ offices. Between 2001 and 2007 he was deputy director general of the Hungarian Institute of Public Administration.   

After getting different degrees, like PhD in 1992, post-doctoral degree (DSc) in 2000, dr. habil. from economics and managerial studies in 2001 he became university professor of the University of Debrecen in the Faculty of Political and Legal Studies. Now he is the head of Department of Financial Law and Public Management, leader of the PhD school and responsible for the MA course in Public Management of the faculty. His more than 120 articles, parts of books and books were published in Hungarian or English, and some of them in other languages. From all of these, the most cited work (ed. 2000) is Decentralization: Experiments and Reform, Local Governments in Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest, OSI/LGI. Main fields of experience in consulting and research are public management, policy-making at different levels of administration and local policies.

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