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Moral Issues in Business Moral Issues in Business

Vincent Barry

Издател: Wadsworth Publishing Company

One of the most popular business ethics books available, MORAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS, guides readers in thinking deeply about important moral issues that frequently arise in business situations and helps them develop the reasoning and analytical skills to resolve those issues. Combining insightful and accessible textbook chapters by the authors,

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Principles of Corporate Finance Principles of Corporate Finance

Charles A. D'Ambrosio, Stewart D. Hodges

Издател: McGraw-Hill

This guide gives students a complete learning resource. It includes solutions to all Practice Problems and Challenge Problems from the text, an introduction to each chapter, key concepts, examples, chapter summaries, and chapter exercises with solutions.

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Strategic Management and Business Policy Strategic Management and Business Policy

Thomas L. Wheelen, J. David Hunger

Издател: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

This comprehensive book offers an engaging look into new and traditional strategic management topics. Its thorough coverage helps readers develop an understanding of the wide range of theories and research available in this field--from competitive strategy and industry analysis to environmental trends and ethics. Integration of international

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The Big Boys The Big Boys

Ralph Nader, William Taylor

Издател: Pantheon Books

Consumer advocate Nader and his coauthor here offer a lively, well-researched attempt to unmask the little-known leaders of nine major U.S. corporations. Three subjects (including GM chairman Roger Smith) refused interview requests, but the others agreed to talk and sometimes engaged in provocative discussion of their careers, their companies and

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The Big Business Reader The Big Business Reader

Mark Green, Robert Massie, Jr.

Издател: The Pilgrim Press

The mercantile values of the modern giant corporations shape more than market forces in their image. They pervade government politics, law, taxation, environment, education, communcations, foundations, athleticsm and even institutions formerly believed to be outside their influence, such as the family or organized religion. Indeed, both in space

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The Genius of American Corporate Law The Genius of American Corporate Law

Roberta Romano

Издател: The AEI Press

The author examines the structure of the corporate charter market, the impact of takeover regulation and federal securities law, and the spreading of criminalization of corporate duties. The genius of American corporate law lies in its federal organization. State competition for revenues from corporate charters has produced a system that, for the

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The Myths of Innovation The Myths of Innovation

Scott Berkun

Издател: O'Reilly Media

In this new edition of the classic bestseller, the author Scott Berkun will show you how to transcend the false stories that many business experts, scientists, and much of pop culture use to guide their thinking about how ideas change the world. Since its initial publication, this classic bestseller has been discussed on NPR, MSNBC, CNBC, and at

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Why Most Things Fail Why Most Things Fail

Paul Ormerod

Издател: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

From the best-selling author of The Death of Economics and Butterfly Economics, a ground-breaking look at a truth all too seldom acknowledged: most commercial and public policy ventures will not succeed. WorldCom, Enron, Yamaichi, Equitable Life, Andersen, Parmalat, Shell . . . Around the world, corporate scandal - and full-scale collapse - has

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Въведение в маркетинга Въведение в маркетинга


Издател: Университетско издателство „Стопанство" - УНСС

Авторският колектив в състав: Свободка Класова, Пенчо Иванов, лиляна Станкович, Лидия Станкова, Галина Младенова, Велина Балева, Найден Найденов, Лиляна Василева, Боян Дуранкев и Ангел Геров,

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Да правим бизнес като Nokia Да правим бизнес като Nokia

Тревър Меридън

Издател: Сиела & Дневник

В "Да правим бизнес като Nokia" Тревър Меридън разкрива как Nokia от скромeн фабрикант за хартия се превръща в световен производител на телекомуникационния пазар. Да правим бизнес като Nokia

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