The Collected Works of Armen A. Alchian

Property Rights and Economic Behavior, Volume 2

Автор(и) : Armen A. Alchian

Издател : Liberty Fund

Място на издаване : Indianapolis, USA

Година на издаване : 2006

ISBN : 978-0-86597-634-4

Брой страници : 760

Език : английски


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Описание на книгата Откъс от книгата За автора

Liberty Fund is proud to present, in two volumes, The Collected Works of Armen A. Alchian, bringing together Alchian’s most influential essays, articles, editorials, and lectures to provide a comprehensive record of his thinking on a broad range of topics in economics.
The second volume of this collection, Property Rights and Economic Behavior, focuses on Alchian’s merging of law and economics, in particular the economics of property rights. Here Alchian, with assistance from Ronald Coase and Harold Demsetz, expands upon the economic rationale behind property rights and demonstrates that these are not distinct from human rights but rather are integral to them. These seminal works go against the grain of conventional wisdom, pointing out among other things the lack of wealth-maximization objectives in various levels of government and nonprofit organizations. Alchian’s powerful economic methodology resists the tide, for the sake of the individual and hence for all of society.

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