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21st Century Spelling Dictionary 21st Century Spelling Dictionary

Barbara Ann Kipfer

Издател: Abagar Holding Ltd.

Whether you are student or scientist, typist or teacher, proofreader or writer, this innovative, essential guide will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about correct spelling and proper word usage.

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Collins Business English Dictionary Collins Business English Dictionary

Michael J. Wallace, Patrick J. Flynn

Издател: Collins E.L.T.

Този речник е предназначен за деловите хора, използващи английския език. Дава над 3000 дефиниции на най-използваните думи и изрази от света на бизнеса - счетоводство, маркетинг, публична

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Deutsches wörterbuch Deutsches wörterbuch

Gerhard Wahrig

Издател: Bertelsmann Lexikon Verlag

Rechtschreibung-Silbentrennung, Grammatik-Worterklärung, Fremdwörter- Aussprache, Sinnverwandte Wörter, Hochsprache- Umgangssprache, Stil-Wort-Herkunft in einem Band.

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Dictionary of Banking Dictionary of Banking

Gerald Klein

Издател: Pitman Publishing

The dictionary aims to offer the student a complete explanation of specialized banking terminology through clear and detailed definitions of over 3000 items which are cross-referenced. It gives broad coverage of financial services terminology, and should be an invaluable reference for full, part-time and day release banking students who need to

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Dictionary of Economics Dictionary of Economics


Издател: John Wiley & Sons

Accessible, easy to use, and practical, the Dictionary of Economics is the first dictionary of its kind you don't need a degree in economics to use. Accomplished lexicographers and financial experts Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel define more than 2,200 essential economics terms clearly, simply, and with a minimum of technical jargon and economic

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Dictionary of Financial Risk Management Dictionary of Financial Risk Management

Gary L. Gastineau, Mark P. Kritzman

Издател: Frank J. Fabozzi Associates

Gary Gastineau and Mark Kritzman team up once again for the third edition of this classic reference tool designed for financial analysts and managers. Anyone involved in financial risk management must have a proper understanding of the words, terms, and phrases used in this fast paced field–and Dictionary of Financial Risk Management clearly

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Dictionary of the Underworld Dictionary of the Underworld

Eric Partridge

Издател: Wordsworth Editions Ltd.

In 1950, Partridge produced A Dictionary of the Underworld, British and American, Being the Vocabulary of Crooks, Criminals, Racketeers, Beggars and Tramps, Convicts, the Commercial Under-World, the Drug Traffic, the White Slave Traffic, and Spivs, one of the first major works to apply scholarly methods to the study of street language. Terms

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Dictionary of Word Origins Dictionary of Word Origins

John Ayto

Издател: Columbia Marketing

An alphabetical listing of some 8000 English words with their histories, this book omits other dictionary features such as pronunciation, part of speech, and, in most cases, definitions. It is interesting to explore the sometimes surprising groups of related words; under doctor , for example, we are referred to 11 other entries, ranging from

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English Usage English Usage

Издател: Collins Cobuild

The new second edition of the Collins COBUILD English Usage has been specially designed for upper-intermediate and advanced students and teachers of English. Its comprehensive coverage of different areas of the English language helps learners to use the language naturally and effectively. Collins COBUILD English Usage has been thoroughly revised

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Everyman's Dictionary of Economics Everyman's Dictionary of Economics

Arthur Seldon

Издател: Liberty Fund

Everyman’s Dictionary of Economics, the third volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon, translates the often obscure jargon and technical terminology of economics into direct, plain English understandable by both the academic and the layperson. The most abstruse topic becomes clear as he conveys the sense in ordinary language, without loss

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